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The catalogue lists directories of images available for licensed use by external agencies. If you don't find what you're looking for, try searching by disease or condition using DermNet NZ's search box, and select the "Image" tab.

Contact the webmaster if you wish to use DermNet NZ text and/or images in Powerpoint presentations, student projects, textbooks, journals, brochures, intranet pages, on the Worldwide Web or other media. In some cases, a charge applies. The larger images have our watermark.

You must acknowledge the source (New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated. Published online at:

High quality images are often available, for a fee of US$100 (discounted for multiple images and non-profit organisations and individuals).

You will be required to download, complete and return a copyright form.

Refer to DermNet's Disclaimer and Image policy statements.

Acne and other follicular disorders Images
Insects, mites and worms Images Course images
Bacterial skin infections Images Course images
Pigmentation problems Images
Deep dermal disorders Images
Dermatitis Images Course images
Dermoscopy Course images
Dermatological emergencies Course images
Fungal skin infections Images
Hair, scalp, nails and sweat Images
Immunological disorders Images
Lesions, tumours and cancers Images Course images
Skin pathology Images Course images
Principles of dermatological practice Course images
Procedures Images Phototherapy course images
Reactions to external agents Images
Scaly skin diseases Images
Diseases relating to site or age Images
Skin signs of systemic disease Images
Treatments Images
Vascular skin disorders Images
Viral skin infections Images

Image filename and pathway can be determined from the address window on right-clicking (or on Mac, command-click) "Open image in new tab".

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